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Never Overeat

What to do?

Eat less. Live more. Eat only 70% of your hunger. Stop eating at a point when you neither feel hungry nor full. Another indicator that you’ve eaten enough is when you get the First Burrp. Food eaten before the 1st burp feeds your body and after this feeds your doctor.

Why is it important?

Never overeat because your stomach needs space to accommodate digestive juices that secrets after you finish eating. And it still needs some more empty space for food & digestive juices to churn inside your stomach bag.

When this space is not available digestive juices move upward to enter the food pipe leading to acidity, bloating, flatulence, and burning sensation around the chest. It also leaves the food partially undigested which produces harmful toxins called AMA in Ayurveda.

Overeating also expands the size of your stomach bag over time which leads to increased food requirements to satiate your hunger leading to obesity.

Also remember

  • Eating less as a habit may be hard in the beginning but you’ll feel amazingly light, energetic, and upbeat after every meal.
  • If you feel dull, fatigued, bloated, heavy and constantly burp for a couple of hours after meals, it indicates that you overate or consume food not suitable for your constitution.
  • Calm down before you start your meal to avoid mindless overeating. That’s why our ancestors prayed before the start of every meal. Eating when stressed also lowers metabolism and digestive power.
  • Eat slow - Take 15 mins to complete your meal as it takes that much time for the stomach to signal your brain.
  • Eat high fiber food - It fills you faster and refrains you from overeating.
  • Don’t talk or watch any screen while eating. Distraction leads to overeating.

Fun fact

Similar to Ayurveda, Japanese who live healthy for 80+ years follow ‘hara hachi bu’ teaching that instructs people to eat until they are 80 percent full.

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