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Is PCOS Curable or Treatable?

Many things get lost in translation. The misconceptions about PCOS are not an exception. Initially, when women get diagnosed with PCOS, they panic. It is natural for women to have extreme reactions because PCOS affects their fertility, beauty, and general health. It emerges as a lifelong liability.

At such a juncture, women get trapped in the ‘treatment or cure’ conundrum. Some doctors may suggest that you can relax, while others may tell you that they can manage the symptoms easily. They don’t speak in clear words. Their answers are mostly vague and shrouded in mystery.

More often than not, you’ll feel confused, frightened, and uncertain.

You might get answers along these lines:

Conception Doubts: Conception in PCOS isn’t an impossible scenario. Thousands of women with PCOS become pregnant. However, PCOS can make conception difficult due to hormonal imbalances, ovulation difficulties, and other physiological issues. Doctors usually try to manage your PCOS symptoms when you try to conceive naturally.

Period Related Doubts: You will be suggested lifestyle changes and exercise for regular periods. However, it largely remains dependent on contraceptive pills and hormonal implants.

When you stop contraceptive pills or hormonal assistance, things worsen. Even with assistance, mood swings, weight gain, bloating, tenderness, and irregular bleeding remain regular. Your desire for freedom from this vicious cycle remains unfulfilled.

Weight Gain Doubts: When you want to conceive, the first thing your doctor would suggest to you is to lose weight. However, that’s next to impossible due to insulin resistance and high levels of stress hormones in women suffering from PCOS. Therefore, your doctor might suggest medication to manage or lower your blood sugar levels. Basically, you are put on diabetes medication. You might also be suggested some lifestyle and dietary changes for supplementing your weight loss.

Weight gain is a consequence of PCOS. It isn’t the cause. The changes in your stress, hormones, and blood sugar levels lead to obesity. Temporary solutions like blood sugar management can provide momentary relief, but weight relapse is certain. When you stop the medication, you will again experience rapid weight gain. Allopathy doesn’t have an answer to this problem. However, Ayurveda understands and treats the underlying issues leading to obesity and provides a permanent solution.

Allopathic doctors will tell you that this condition can be managed well with hormonal pills and certain lifestyle changes. However, they are also silently coaxing you to accept PCOS as your fate and learn to live with it for the rest of your life.

You must understand this in no uncertain terms:

There is NO CURE for PCOS/PCOD in allopathy

Your allopathic doctor will explain this to you several times in the treatment, and that’s a fact as per their knowledge and understanding.

Your regular gynaecologist can, at best, manage your symptoms. The PCOS/PCOD will keep troubling you forever.

Let us have clarity over the definition of these terms first.

Curable: An illness that can be eliminated with the help of medical intervention, never to rise again. The cure is a permanent solution for that specific problem. Malaria, typhoid, and even tuberculosis (TB) are curable diseases.

Treatable: An illness in which symptoms can be made to go away or at least reduced. A treatment is a temporary arrangement. In many cases, the patients remain dependent on lifelong medications. AIDS, diabetes, and asthma are examples of incurable diseases.

Allopathy has no cure for PCOS/PCOD. It can only help you manage your symptoms for the rest of your life. That’s also the biggest problem.

Lifetime management of disease with the help of medicines doesn’t come without its share of side effects. Long-term PCOS medication in allopathy can have many side effects in the form of hormonal imbalances and weight relapse.

Ayurveda Has the Cure

Ayurveda is a science of holistic health that has proven its mettle for centuries.

Ayurveda is at least a 4000 years old science that has survived the test of time. We still have the Sanskrit Ayurvedic texts preserved that describe the causes, symptoms, and natural treatment procedures for this problem in great detail.

The parts in the human body don’t define the process. For treating any problem, considering the whole system involved in the process is very important, and that’s where Ayurveda excels.

Modern medicine excels when it comes to treating emergencies or critical illnesses. Someone suffering from a heart attack must take help from Western medical science. Allopathy has made giant strides in that direction. It has the tools and investigation procedures to quickly identify physical abnormalities and treat them.

However, nothing comes close to Ayurveda in the context of chronic illnesses and lifestyle disorders.


Ayurveda’s Approach to PCOS

According to Ayurveda, Women are born with the default setting to have hassle-free periods, lifelong!

Therefore, PCOS isn’t normal contrary to what most women are told when they find out that they have PCOS. It is an anomaly. It isn’t a norm.

Physiological, psychological, and lifestyle issues are behind this condition.

Most treatment processes usually try to treat any one of these issues. That’s the reason PCOS remains incurable through those systems.

Ayurveda understands PCOS and its roots. It has the know-how and capability to reverse PCOS and provide the cure you have been looking for.

More than 20,000 women have benefitted from this approach and attained freedom from the burden of lifelong PCOS.

This book will help you understand PCOS and how Ayurveda can address the issues leading to it.

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