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  • Power of Ayurveda dissolves multiple cysts, naturally
  • Regulates irregular, delayed, early period cycles
  • Rectifies hormonal imbalance
  • Restores natural ovulation
  • No side effects. 100% Safe. A combination of Ayurvedic kadha [syrup] and pills made of 64 herbs
  • Highly recommended by Dr. Aarati Patil, MD Gynacology Ayurveda
  • Tried by thousands of women
  • MYRA – Pack of 3 bottles of 500 ml
  • NEEV – Pack of 120 pills
  • Consume twice daily, after breakfast and dinner, for 90 days, for freedom from PCOD

Cash on Delivery Available

₹ 1,800

Who Should Take It?

Women who experience:

  • Irregular or delayed for more than 3 months
  • Scanty bleeding
  • Blackish period blood
  • Consistent weight gain for over 3 months
  • Acne, pigmentation, male pattern hair growth is prominent
  • Medical reports suggest PCOS / PCOD
gynoveda who should take
gynoveda who should take

How does Gynoveda's PCOD kit help?

  • Dissolves cysts naturally using power of Ayurvedic herbs
  • Stimulates timely ovulation cycle for on-time periods, every month
  • Restores hormonal balance and improves immunity of reproductive system for long-lasting freedom from PCOD
  • Naturally nourishes uterus and ovaries
  • Purifies blood, boosts immunity

Packed with power of Ayurveda

Herbs that heal you from within

Key Ingredients

The herbs used in the PCOD kit provide natural ovulation support, regulate period cycle, dissolve cysts and help you attain hormonal balance.

Aloe Vera


Sahastravedi, Hingu








gynoveda ingredient bottle

10x Safer Solutions



Other Medicines

No harmful chemicals
100% Safe & Ayurvedic Herbs
No side effects, only side benefits
Treats root cause of problem
Boosts Immunity
Prevents recurrence
Long-lasting solution
Hormonal Balance

How to use it?

Ayurveda made easy for your busy lifestyle


25 ml of MYRA, twice, daily, after breakfast and after dinner

2 tablets of NEEV, twice, daily, after breakfast and after dinner



how to use gynoveda

Everything you need to know about MYRA & NEEV For Correction of PCOD

Frequently Asked Questions

No, PCOD is not a disease but a disorder that needs to be treated the right way. It is a Kapha-related disorder which causes period irregularities , cysts in ovaries and hormonal imbalance
Yes , all cases can be treated but the duration will vary depending on severity of PCOD
No. Gynoveda supplements are 100% Ayurvedic, natural, safe and pure herbal ingredients that have no side effects. They only offer side benefits.

Upto 90 days for mild to moderate cases

Upto 120 days for severe cases

Yes. These are absolutely safe and natural to consume during period days.
Yes, all herbal pills, as a universal rule, can be consumed with any other medicines.
More than restrictions, these recommednations should be followed. However, to experience 10x results, follow a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits at fixed meal timings, sleep for 7-8 hours and, most importantly, don’t worry, be happy and celebrate life.