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  • Fulfil the daily requirement of 1000 mg Calcium
  • Boost potential growth of body, bones, muscles, joints, and height at young age
  • Support healthy bones, muscles, joints, hair, nails, teeth lifelong
  • Reverse osteoporosis, arthritis, knee pain and prevent it
  • Support hormonal balance for regular periods
  • Smoothen menopausal transition
  • Prevent lifestyle disorders in old age
  • Get anti-ageing effects to stay young and glowing
  • Feel active, charged, and energetic throughout the day

Doctors highly recommend taking Calcium from young to old age for gaining full potential growth of body, bones, muscles, joints, & height in young age and fight osteoporosis, arthritis and lifestyle disorders in old age.


Our body cannot produce Calcium on its own and it has to be consumed through food or in form of a supplement. Calcium helps in the absorption of 18 micronutrients that are important for all body functions. Gynoveda Spinach Calcium Drops are made of plant-based and the most natural sources of Calcium. Hence, it is absolutely safe to be consumed lifelong.


Charge your water with 3 drops of Gynoveda Spinach Calcium any time in the day.