Gynoveda Tula - Ayurveda for irregular delayed periods

Gynoveda Tula Uses & Benefits Explained:

Gynoveda Tula Ayurvedic Pills should be consumed by women who are suffering from delayed/irregular periods. Tula pills treat the root cause of delayed periods which is poor metabolism. By boosting metabolism and improving digestion, Gynoveda Tula tablets reset your period cycle and ensure timely ovulation every month

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Tula pills are infused with 25 medicinal ayurvedic herbs which are safe to consume and do not trigger any side effects

25+ Ayurvedic herbs used in Gynoveda Tula

The following are the benefits of Gynoveda Tula Tablets:

  • Resets period cycle to 28-31 days 
  • Goodness of 26 herbs, restore hormonal balance 
  • Boosts fertility for pregnancy
  • Assists in natural, timely ovulation
  • Controls weight gain and in-effect helps you to lose weight 
  • Gives you glowing skin and healthy, luscious hair 
  • Flushes our harmful toxins from the blood called 'Ama'
  • Balances Pitta-Dosha (Bio-Energy of periods)
  • Treats the root cause of irregular/delayed periods with Ayurveda
  • Improves over-all heath

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Gynoveda Tula Tablets, are GMP certified and FDA approved. They can be consumed with doctor prescribed medicines, as they do not have any side effects. 

Get Periods Every Month Naturally With Tula