Why Late, Delayed, Irregular Periods is like riding a roller coaster? 

😱 While everyone around is having a fun time, you’re freaking out waiting for Periods. Back-sitters even dare to advise not to worry. Really? 🤯😲

🤰🏻 After confirming it's not pregnancy, missed or late periods can be scarier than dropping down from that roller coaster. 

❓ Why Periods delayed or irregular is the next question on the stressed mind.

⚖ It also happens due to delayed ovulation and hormonal imbalance, confirms Dr. Aarati Patil, Ayurveda Gynecologist who researched this for 20 years on 5000 girls. 

🔬She found in her research that girls commonly take oral contraceptive pills that get periods but that might be unnatural & harmful.

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