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Doctors & researchers behind the study
We recruited Dr. Divya C.S., a Ph.D. Scholar with with a vast medical experience, to be the principal investigator of our trial. We teamed up with EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL RESEARCH to administer the trials along with Dr. Aarati Patil. and Dr. Gauri More. All trials were approved by the team of experts, and were published on

The Participants
149 female participants
The study included 149 female participants between the age of 25-35 years. These women had complaints of delayed or irregular menstrual cycle along with improper ovulation/delayed ovulation or anovulation were recruited in the study.

The Study Design
Key Methods & Observations
All 149 women participants who had consumed Jeehv tablets for more than 2 months were evaluated for their response related to ovulation. These participants were consuming Jeehv tablets in a dose of 2 tablets twice daily with water. Follow up was done at an interval of 1 month, 2 months and 3 months to assess if participants had ovulated on the basis of a simple urine test for ovulation (home ovulation detection kit).
This assessment found that the combination of Ayurvedic herbs used in Jeehv are found to be effective in assisting timely ovulation and thus can be useful in the management of infertility associated with gynecological disorders like PCOS, Irregular periods etc. The product was also found to be safe without causing any adverse effects.

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