Gynoveda Soma - Ayurveda for vaginal discharge

What is Gynoveda Soma?

Gynoveda Soma are ayurvedic pills which treat the root cause of abnormal white discharge and promise guaranteed relief from discomfort and itching in vaginal area. Gynoveda Soma pills are formulated with 100% natural, ayurvedic medicinal herbs and are safe to consume.

Unlike pills and syrups prescribed by modern medicine which are not a proven cure for abnormal white discharge, Gynoveda Soma pills do not trigger any side effects and are tested in laboratory for purity and safety. Gynoveda Soma pills are also GMP certified and FDA approved

Gynoveda zero side effects certified

All Benefits of Gynoveda Soma Explained:

  • Treats the root cause of abnormal white discharge
  • Relieves from itching in intimate area 
  • Resets the vaginal pH level to normal 
  • Naturally detoxifies the uterus 
  • Reduced itching leaves no scope for vaginal infection 
  • Ayurvedic herbs prevent reoccurrence of white discharge 
  • Reduces irritation, and burning sensation and helps you to get rid of smelly discharge
  • Improves overall vaginal health 
  • Balances Doshas 
  • Boosted confidence levels due to absence of discomfort in intimate area

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