Gynoveda Soma Uses & Benefits:

Gynoveda Soma - Ayurveda for vaginal discharge

Gynoveda Soma ayurvedic pills treat the root cause of vaginal discharge and cures discomfort in intimate area. Soma ayurvedic pills are formulated with 100% natural medicinal herbs and are gynecologist recommended pills to treat abnormal white discharge. 

Gynoveda zero side effects certified

Women suffering from watery/creamy/smelly vaginal discharge should consume Gynoveda Soma ayurvedic pills

Multiple Benefits of Gynoveda Soma:

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  • Treats the root cause of abnormal white discharge
  • Relieves from itching in intimate area 
  • Resets the vaginal pH level to normal 
  • Naturally detoxifies the uterus 
  • Reduced itching leaves no scope for vaginal infection 
  • Ayurvedic herbs prevent reoccurrence of white discharge 
  • Reduces irritation, and burning sensation and helps you to get rid of smelly discharge
  • Improves overall vaginal health 
  • Balances Doshas 
  • Boosted confidence levels due to absence of discomfort in intimate area

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Ayurvedic Herbs Used In Gynoveda Soma:

40+ Ayurvedic herbs used in Gynoveda Soma
  • Shatavari fights fungal and bacterial infections
  • Varuna helps in reducing internal swelling
  • Ashoka prevents hormonal imbalance 
  • Triphala balances Tridosha 
  • Ashwagandha improves immunity 
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Permanent & Safe Cure For White Discharge