What Is Gynoveda Tula?

Gynoveda Tula Pills are ayurvedic pills formulated with 26 medicinal herbs that help you to regulate period health naturally by treating the root cause of delayed/irregular periods.

Is Gynoveda Tula Safe? 

Gynoveda zero side effects certified

Gynoveda's Tula Pills are 100% Ayurvedic tablets which have no side-effects as their main ingredients are medicinal herbs. They are FDA approved and GMP Certified that help to balance the hormones in the body. Trusted by more than 10,000+ women and recommended by India's top gynecologists, Gynoveda Tula is an excellent treatment for irregular/delayed periods

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Tula Beginner Guide:

Gynoveda Tula - Natural periods on time

Who Should Consume Tula Pills?

Tula Pills should be consumed by women if they are experiencing delayed/late or irregular periods. The length of an average period cycle is 28 days, but it can vary from woman to woman depending on lifestyle and diet. But, it is expected to have periods after a span of 31 days which is a sign of balanced period health. 

If the period cycle is disturbed, a gap in period cycles is seen which means the woman will not get her periods for 2-3 months straight. In this case, Tula Pills must be consumed to reset the period cycle

If you have your periods and the flow is scanty or lasts only for 2-3 days along with sudden increase in weight, you must immediately begin with Tula Ayurvedic Pills. 

Attention: Do Not Take Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP's) or Hormone Pills To Treat Irregular/Delayed Periods. 

Gynoveda Tula - Natural periods on time


(Periods induced with OCP's is a temporary and unsafe solution to regulate period health. Prolonged use of OCP's can cause permanent damage.)

How Does Tula Help?

  • Resets period cycle to 28-31 days 
  • Goodness of 26 herbs, restore hormonal balance 
  • Boosts fertility for pregnancy
  • Assists in natural, timely ovulation
  • Controls weight gain and in-effect helps you to lose weight 
  • Gives you glowing skin and healthy, luscious hair 
  • Flushes our harmful toxins from the blood called 'Ama'
  • Balances Pitta-Dosha (Bio-Energy of periods)
  • Treats the root cause of irregular/delayed periods with Ayurveda

How To Use Tula Pills?

The dosage of Tula Ayurvedic Pills is 2 pills before bedtime and 2 pills in the morning with warm water. For best results, continue Tula Ayurvedic Treatment for irregular/delayed periods for 180 days and reset your period health naturally. 


Gynoveda Tula ayurveda for irregular delayed period


Treat The Root Cause Of Irregular/Delayed Periods With Tula