Here's the story of Anita, a Gynoveda consumer.

Anita Rana, 36 years

- Nursing Officer

Anil Kumar, 36 years

- BSF ( Border Security Force)


- Rohtak,Haryana

Trying to conceive

- 6 months

 Consuming Gynoveda

- Wife - 6 months

 Medical History

- Low AMH

Anita's Journey to Motherhood

Anita struggled significantly to have her first baby, whereas her second baby came naturally without any IVF/IUI or follicular study support.

During Her First Baby Planning:

Anita had been attempting to conceive for several years after her marriage but without success. The couple consulted numerous doctors, but their situation was compounded by the fact that they were employed in different states of India, making it challenging to undergo follicular studies. Subsequently, they opted for IUI, but unfortunately, both attempts were unsuccessful.The couple invested significant sums of money in fertility treatments and underwent numerous tests, all of which showed normal results except for Anita's low AMH count. Due to Anita's low AMH levels, the doctor recommended IVF with a donor egg, stating that natural conception with her own egg was unlikely. Despite her desperation to have a child, Anita agreed to proceed with the donor egg, ultimately giving birth to a baby girl who is now 5 years old. 

How She Discovered Gynoveda:

Anita stumbled upon Gynoveda while searching online for treatment for her white discharge. A Somha advertisement on Facebook caught her attention, leading her to explore Gynoveda products further. Intrigued by Dr. Aarati's video comparing IUI/IVF with Ayurvedic treatments, Anita spent 1.5 months immersing herself in Gynoveda stories and videos.

Living in a joint family where everyone had children, Anita felt inspired to plan for a second baby. She decided to try Gynoveda for both her white discharge issue and conception. With her husband's support, they ordered Gynoveda medicine to begin their journey towards a second child.

Planning for a Second Baby with Gynoveda:

In November 2022, Anita began her journey to conceive a second baby naturally using Gynoveda medicines. Although she knew that naturally conceiving might be challenging due to her low AMH level (0.51), she decided to try after watching many videos and stories. She consumed Gynoveda's Jeehv Iron Folic and Somha tablets for six months, maintaining a proper diet and health control. She conceived on July 7, 2023. Her estimated delivery date was March 12, 2024, but she delivered a healthy baby at 26 weeks on December 7, 2023. After 10 years of marriage, she had her second baby, a daughter. Now, her baby is 5 months old and healthy.

Anita expressed her surprise and joy, saying, "Sach me batau toh mene itna nahi socha tha, khud par faith ho gaya tha ki naturally toh conceive nahi ho payega. But I will never forget that date 7th July when I saw the two pink lines."

Both Anita and her husband were over the moon, considering it a miracle since doctors had told them that she couldn't conceive with her own eggs. Her husband remarked, "Gynoveda se Pehle kyu nahi kia treatment?"

Anita loves both her daughters equally and is thrilled to see her family complete. Her first daughter helps care for the newborn, and Anita has documented her treatments and feelings in a diary. She continues to cherish the journey and the joy of having her two daughters.

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