Is Pregnancy Possible with PCOS?

Yes, it is possible to conceive if you have PCOS. Read the inspiring story of Leena from Assam, who, despite facing numerous challenges such as irregular periods, PCOS, and blocked tubes, conceived naturally.

In 2016, Leena got married. By 2018, after trying to conceive naturally for a year without success, she consulted a gynecologist and was diagnosed with PCOS. Both her fallopian tubes were blocked, making natural conception impossible, and IVF was recommended.

In 2019, she underwent laparoscopy to unblock her tubes, but her PCOS remained untreated. For the next two years, she tried expensive allopathic treatments, which caused side effects like memory issues and weight gain, but did not work.

In 2021, Leena discovered Gynoveda through a Facebook ad. Encouraged by positive reviews and her husband’s support, she switched to Gynoveda’s natural treatment. She followed the regimen, taking Myrha Vamha, Jeehv, Iron, and Folic supplements, and adhered to a strict diet and exercise plan. Over time, her periods regularized, facial hair growth reduced, and she lost 10 kg, dropping from 66 kg to 55 kg. She completed the 12-month treatment without side effects.

In 2023, after eight years of marriage, Leena conceived and gave birth to a baby girl named Nitya, now 9.5 months old. Inspired by her success, she recommended Gynoveda to her sister-in-law. Previously questioned about her inability to conceive, Leena now proudly shares her journey with Gynoveda with others.