Here's another story of Lena, a Gynoveda consumer

Lena Chiinneiniang, 32 years
- Housewife

Hausuamkhai, 42 years
Deputy Manager, SBI Bank

Munirka, Delhi

Trying to conceive
- 5 years 
Consuming Gynoveda
- Wife - 6 months
Medical History
- PCOS, 2 yrs
- Irregular periods
- Gaining weight

The Story:

 - Lena got married.
2019 - She conceived naturally but experienced a miscarriage.
2020 - She quit her job as a nurse at a hospital to focus on planning for a baby.
2021 - When Lena's weight started increasing consistently, she visited a gynecologist. An ultrasound revealed that she had PCOS, which was causing her irregular periods. Her gynecologist started her on hormonal treatment, but it caused many side effects, including rashes, weakness, drowsiness, insomnia, restlessness, and stress from regular treatments and ultrasounds. She also underwent a follicular study, but it was ineffective.
2022 - Lena came across a Gynoveda advertisement on Facebook and joined the Circle of Sisterhood group. Inspired by the positive reviews, she discussed with her husband and decided to switch from hormonal treatment to an Ayurvedic approach, knowing it had no side effects. She began her fertility journey with Gynoveda, starting with PCOS and fertility treatments: Myrha Vamha, Jeehv, and Iron Folic. Within 2-3 months, she saw positive changes, such as regular periods, reduced pigmentation, and weight loss from 69kg to 50kg. Her skin also improved. Motivated by these results, Lena adhered to the Gynoveda treatment for six months, including the Gynovedic diet and exercise, and eventually conceived.
2023 - She delivered a beautiful baby girl, Moite, who turned one year old on 6th June 2024. Let's all wish Moite a very happy birthday and shower her with blessings.