Here's the story of Nisha, a Gynoveda consumer.

Nisha Ahirrao, 37 years
- School Teacher

Vaibhav Ahirrao, 40 years
- Clerk

Trying to conceive
- 3 to 4 years
Consuming Gynoveda
- Wife - 6 months
Medical History
- Severe PCOS
- Delayed/Absent periods
Treatment History
- Follicular Study
The Story:
Nisha had been struggling with severe PCOS for 14 years. Her doctor initially prescribed contraceptive pills. Nisha noticed that her periods only occurred when she took these pills. Despite her desire to conceive, her PCOD presented a barrier. She opted for IUI and successfully conceived twin babies, but sadly faced a miscarriage.

Subsequently, she underwent follicular studies, revealing that her follicles were not growing and her eggs were not rupturing. Her doctors administered injections to induce egg rupture. Eventually, she conceived and delivered a baby boy, now 8 years old, named Ved.

During the lockdown, Nisha experienced irregular periods. While scrolling through Facebook, she came across Dr. Aarati Patil's video on PCOS treatment. She decided to try Ayurveda to regulate her periods before attempting conception again. This time, she avoided contraceptive pills due to their side effects such as acne, weight gain, increased facial hair, and severe period pain.

After starting Gynoveda's PCOS treatment with Myrha & Vamha, she noticed positive changes. Her acne cleared, she lost 10kg, and her period pain disappeared. Her first period after starting Gynoveda's treatment arrived after 2 months, marking a significant relief after a 6-month gap. Subsequent periods became more regular, occurring every 1.5 months & then every month on time.

Nisha continued the Gynoveda treatment for 6 months, after which she observed that her periods remained regular without medication. She conceived again in 2023 but unfortunately experienced another miscarriage due to the absence of a fetal heartbeat.

She consulted a doctor, Nisha was surprised to learn that her follicles were growing and eggs were rupturing, due to the regularity of her periods post-Gynoveda treatment. Nisha again conceived naturally and delivered a healthy baby boy named Rudransh on April 24, 2024.

After 15 years of marriage, Nisha welcomed her second baby boy naturally.

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