Here's the story of Pratyasha, a Gynoveda consumer.

Pratyasha Mohapatra
, 25 years
- Homemaker

Satyaranjan Mohapatra, 35 years
- Works at his own clinic alongside his friend who is a doctor
- Balasore, Odisha

Trying to conceive
- 6 months
Consuming Gynoveda
- Wife - 8 months
Medical History
- PCOS, 12yrs
- Irregular periods
- Hormonal Imbalance
Treatment History
- Injections
- Hormones

The Story:

Pratyasha Mohapatra had been dealing with PCOS and its associated complications for 12 years. 

This included irregular periods and a significant hormonal imbalance.

Initially, she opted for allopathic fertility treatments. 

But her husband, Satyaranjan, wasn't satisfied with the results.

Over 9 months, they spent more than ₹50,000 on allopathic medicines without success.

After some discussion and reflection, the family allowed Pratyasha to start her fertility journey with Gynoveda.

She had previously experienced success with Gynoveda's Myrha Vamha. She had taken it for three months before her marriage. This lead her to believe it could also help her conceive.

Confident in its efficacy, Pratyasha promised her family she would achieve pregnancy within a year using Gynoveda.

She began taking Jeehv, Iron Folic, and Myrha Vamha, and followed the regimen for almost 8 months.

Her experience with allopathy caused her to gain weight and worsen her PCOS symptoms.

Whereas Gynoveda treatment led to significant improvements.

Pratyasha lost weight, dropping from 93 kg to 80 kg, and further down to 75 kg, as seen in the image below.

Under the guidance of Dr. Shagufta Moghal Junnedi from Gynoveda, Pratyasha

  • Diligently tracked her ovulation
  • Adhered to a Gynovedic diet
  • Practiced yoga regularly

Now, at 4 months pregnant, Pratyasha's latest report has shown she is expecting twins!

Both she and her twin babies are healthy, and she is thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy journey.

Pratyasha's review is a testament to the potential of ayurveda medicine and the personalized care provided by Gynoveda.

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