While modern medicine makes you believe that you've to manage PCOS lifelong and learn to live with it.

But watch Inderpreet's story on-camera and how she got Freedom from PCOS with help of Ayurvedic treatment using Gynoveda products. She shows her report her report on camera after completing Gynoveda Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS.

Gynoveda Review by Inderpreet Kaur

Early Struggles: Dealing with Irregular Periods & CA Exam Stress

Inderpreet, a Chartered Accountant from Ludhiana, had a tough time during her youth. She faced irregular periods and had to deal with the mental stress of studying for her CA exams.

Discovering PCOS After Marriage

Things took a different turn after she got married and wanted to start a family. That's when she found out she had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a condition known for making it hard to have children. The news was tough, and she was told there was no cure. But Inderpreet didn't give up hope.

Trying Something New: Gynoveda Shows the Way

Inderpreet had never used any oral contriceptive pills or hormonal treatments for her problem. Then, she saw a video by Dr. Aarati talking about Gynoveda, a different way to deal with PCOS using Ayurveda. After talking it over with her husband, she decided to give it a shot for three months.

Starting the Journey to Wellness: Gynoveda, Yoga & Diet

Inderpreet began her journey to get better by taking Gynoveda's PCOS tablets. She also started doing yoga regularly and stuck to the prescribed Gynovedic diet.

Amazing Progress: The First Three Months

In the first three months, something great happened. Inderpreet felt lighter, lost about 3 kilograms, especially around her belly, and got regular periods within just one month. She felt so good that she decided to continue with PCOS Tablets for an additional three months.

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Getting Proof from an Ultrasound

Six months later, Inderpreet went for a USG. It showed that she didn't have PCOS anymore. Her medical reports used to say she had "Bilateral polycystic ovaries," but now they said "Ovaries, bilaterally are normal."

A Message of Determination & Faith

Inderpreet's story teaches us an important lesson – when it comes to health, we shouldn't give up. Even with a busy job, family duties, and daily life, she managed to stick to the Gynovedic diet, do yoga regularly, and take the PCOS tablets

Her message is simple: Gynoveda, combined with yoga, a healthy diet, and having faith, can make a big difference for your health.