Gynoveda’s popularity with 4.6-star rating from over 4100+ verified Google Reviews, faces scrutiny. 

We have investigated verified Google Reviews, YouTube testimonials, and candid Facebook group insights into Gynoveda’s products like Fertility Tablets and PCOS Tablets.

Here’s what we found:

Gynoveda Reviews: What Do People Say?

Verified Google Reviews: 

Gynoveda's 4.6-star rating is a testament to its effectiveness. Women have found relief from PCOS, conceived naturally, and experienced better menstrual health with these products. What's notable is that no side effects have been reported, making Gynoveda a trusted choice for women's health.

YouTube Review Videos: 

The YouTube channel features hundreds of videos where real customers share their success stories. From overcoming PCOS to achieving natural pregnancies, these heartfelt testimonials showcase the transformative power of Gynoveda's Ayurvedic approach.

Unfiltered Comments in Facebook Groups: 

The Circle of Sisterhood Facebook group, with its 1 Lakh members, offers a supportive community where women openly discuss their journeys. Stories of successful pregnancies, menstrual health improvements, and the willingness to help fellow members stand out.

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Gynoveda Products: The Pros & Cons

Fertility Tablets:

Fertility Tablets by Gynoveda are Ayurvedic tablets that help women conceive by improving their eggs, ovulation, and uterus health.


  • They are backed by clinical studies.
  • They have higher success rates than IVF/IUI.
  • Zero side effects.


  • Work better when taken with Iron Folic Tablets.
  • You need to follow the Gynovedic Diet for the best results.

Clinical Study:

A study in 2023 in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research found that 85% of women using Gynoveda’s Fertility Tablets had timely ovulation. These tablets have helped over 19,000 women get pregnant naturally, resulting in more than 11,000 babies. Many of these success stories are shared by mothers on the Facebook Community, Circle of Sisterhood.

Who Should Use Them?:

If you've tried other ways to get pregnant without success, have low AMH levels, or have issues with eggs, these tablets might help. Also, if you have PCOD, PCOS, irregular periods, or a history of pregnancy loss or implantation failure, they could be useful.

How Long to Use?:

To have the best chance of getting pregnant naturally with Gynoveda, you should take these tablets for 6-12 months. You'll also need to follow the Gynovedic Diet. If you take Iron Folic Tablets along with them, your chances improve.

Should You Buy Them?:

If you want a proven natural way to get pregnant, these tablets are worth considering. But remember, you'll need to use them for at least 6 months and follow the Gynovedic diet for the best results.

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PCOS, PCOD with Delayed Monthly Cycle: 

Gynoveda's PCOS Tablets are India's first Ayurvedic solution for women aiming to resolve PCOS/PCOD and achieve regular cycles.

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  • Clinically proven results.
  • Resolves PCOS/PCOD cysts.
  • Addresses the root cause.
  • Increases the chance of natural pregnancy.
  • Zero reported side effects.


  • Recommended duration is 6-12 months.
  • Success rate improves with adherence to the Gynovedic Diet.
  • Suitable for women with delayed cycles.

Clinical Study:

A 2022 clinical study in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research reported that 76% of women taking Gynoveda’s PCOS Tablets achieved cyst resolution in ultrasounds. Furthermore, 89% of women achieved a natural cycle within 60 days, and 72% noticed weight loss within 90 days.

Who Should Use Them?:

These tablets are for women who have been medically diagnosed with PCOS, experience delayed cycles with scanty flow, unusual weight gain, facial hair growth, acne, or pigmentation. They are not suitable for women with Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Chocolate cysts, or Thickened Endometrium. Gynoveda also offers a separate product for women with PCOS and prolonged cycles with heavy flow.

Duration for Effectiveness:

For the best results, continue using PCOS Tablets for at least 6-12 months. Optimal outcomes are achieved when following the PCOS 3X Ayurvedic Program.

Should You Buy Them?:

If you're seeking a clinically proven Ayurvedic program to combat PCOS/PCOD and increase the likelihood of natural pregnancy, PCOS Tablets are worth considering. However, be prepared for several months of consistent use and adherence to the 3X Ayurvedic Program to see results.

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Negative Feedback: Consumer Complaints

  • Slow Delivery: Some customers experienced delays, especially during lockdowns. However, Gynoveda has improved its supply chain for faster delivery.
  • Poor Customer Service: In the past, customer service faced criticism, but recent improvements show promise.
  • Damaged Products: Occasionally, products arrived with damaged seals, but Gynoveda's improved support swiftly addresses these issues.
  • Takes Too Long To Work: Some customers noted slow efficacy, but Ayurvedic treatments require time to address root causes.

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In summary, the 3700+ Gynoveda reviews unveil a world of positive experiences and transformative journeys. Despite a few concerns, the overwhelming majority of women have benefited from Gynoveda's Ayurvedic products. 

With a commitment to your well-being, Gynoveda offers a natural path to improved health and fertility. If you seek a trusted solution to your health concerns, consider Gynoveda

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