Gynoveda Collection

MYRHA VAMHA Ayurvedic Tablets

Reverse PCOS, Helps Regulating Cycles

from ₹ 1,800

Spinach Calcium Drops

Supports healthy bones, joints, muscles. Prevents osteoporosis

from ₹ 499

Iron Folic Acid Tablets

Restore blood and haemoglobin lost during monthly cycle, Prevents anemia

from ₹ 299

SOMHA Ayurvedic Tablets

Helps Reducing Watery Thick Milky Discharge, Intimate Itching

from ₹ 900

TULHA Ayurvedic Tablets

Helps Regulating Period Cycle Naturally

from ₹ 900

Calcium Vitamin D3 Tablets

Prevents knee pain, osteoporosis, arthritis. Maintains bones & joints

from ₹ 499

Constipation Relief Tablets

Fast relief from constipation, gas, acidity, bloating

from ₹ 299

Daily Detox

Anti Junk Tablets to flush-out toxins, boost digestion

from ₹ 600

Intimate Itch Cream

Instant Coolant, Fast Relief from Itch, Dryness

from ₹ 199

Women's Immunity

Made for daily strength & energy. Prevents frequent cough, cold

from ₹ 600

MYRHA VEERHA Ayurvedic Tablets

Control Heavy Bleeding, Beneficial in Long Cycles

from ₹ 1,800

VEERHA Ayurvedic Tablets

Controls heavy flow, clots & prolonged cycles; Relief from pain, cramps

from ₹ 900
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