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If you’re looking for quick fixes, Gynovedic Diet is not for you. But if you believe in taking charge of your health then this is the safest health plan for you.

It's not going to be easy but it's not that hard either once you take charge. And with this plan in hand and some persistent efforts, you can win. And if you think about it, you have no choice but to win. Because losing means leading an unhealthy life and the cost of losing is almost immeasurable.

So which path will you choose? Will you take charge today to live as a tigress or live with anxieties like a lamb?


If you take charge and can commit yourself for 90 days to make fundamental changes to your food and eating habits, this plan is the key to hassle-free periods and healthy life.

Think about this...

Most of our gadgets, cars, & machines come with a well documented user’s manual to take good care of its body mechanics. But ironically human beings, the most complex & precious machine arrives on this planet with no such user manual that compiles the dos & don'ts for daily care and durability.

Vagbhata, an Indian scholar who lived for over 135 years, back in 7th century AD, scripted a book named 'Ashtanga Hridaya' that serves as human beings' comprehensive user’s manual. It contains secrets to keep you fit lifelong which no pharma company or doctor wants you to know because it doesn’t create profits for them and benefits none other than you.

According to Vagbhata, 85% of illness can be treated or prevented without a doctor; only 15% of diseases require a doctor. Since Vagbhata wrote his 7000 health rules or sutras in Sanskrit, it stays illegible to the common man now.

Rajiv Dixit, an IIT-Kanpur turned social activist researched these sanskrit sutras of Vagbhata for decades before translating it into simple dos & don'ts for Indians to follow in modern times.

He educated millions of poor living in rural India who unlike urbanites couldn’t access or afford expensive healthcare. He was on a noble mission to demystify selfcare vedic secrets documented in Ayurveda scriptures before he mysteriously died in 2010. His lectures in hindi are still freely available on YouTube.

Millions who continue to follow Vagbhata’s unbelievably simple lifestyle rules haven't visited a doctor for 10-20 years.

Gynoveda’s team of doctors & gynecologists carefully researched vast Ayurveda scriptures by Vagbhata and several other Indian sages like Charak, Sushrut and its relevance in modern times.

Gynoveda founders personally practiced these Ayurveda sutras for over a decade to get freedom from their lifestyle disorders. As a result, Gynovedic Diet is a work of their passion after personally benefiting from it and with an honest intent to share it with millions of women to lead an ill-free life.

Gynovedic Diet simplifies ayurvedic sutras to revive the power of Ayurveda for women to stay fit and experience healthy periods. Because you were born to have healthy periods, lifelong!

This is the only way forward to bring out the best version of you and Watch Yourself Blossom.

Many Ayurveda sutras appear contrary to the popular beliefs promoted in mainstream media by new-age dieticians who mostly study western literature not suited for tropical Indian climatic conditions. The only way to realize vedic wisdom is to practice Gynovedic Diet for at least 90 DAYS and experience the magic of Ayurveda.

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