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How to Prevent Recurrence?

Is PCOS Curable or Manageable?

The Indian mindset always asks for a guarantee before buying anything. People want quality assurance even when purchasing plastic mugs. When people go to a doctor to seek treatment, they don’t forget to ask if they’ll be alright after the treatment.

Yet, most women accept living with PCOS for the rest of their lives. They don’t question why they have to suffer PCOS for the rest of their lives.

All the signs and symptoms of PCOS take forever to subside. They just don’t go away. Even if the doctor makes the symptoms disappear using hormonal pills, the relief is only temporary. Living with PCOS is tough. The good news is, you don’t have to. Correct Ayurvedic treatment can prevent recurrences.

The PCOS recurrence rate is very high. It keeps coming back.

Do you want your PCOS to remain a lingering problem for the rest of your life?

The Cause and the Cure

Most women accept PCOS as their fate. They see no end to these problems.

Hormonal treatments advised for PCOS are usually periodic. They can’t be continued forever. They have side effects. However, after stopping the treatment, women start experiencing those problems again.

According to Ayurveda, PCOS is curable. You might not hear this in other treatment methods. They’ll keep confusing you between treatment, management, and cure. However, the most important thing is that PCOS is completely curable. Not only that, even the high recurrence or relapse rate in PCOS can be prevented with the help of Ayurveda.

PCOS Treatment Plan

In Ayurveda, treatment of PCOS is a three-pronged approach:

Ayurveda focuses on treating indigestion with the help of herbs. Indigestion can slow down your overall metabolic rate. This affects how your body utilizes the energy consumed by you.

Indigestion in the body leads to the accumulation of Ama. Ayurveda helps improve digestion and removes the Ama already present in your body. So the toxin level in your body comes down. The metabolic waste is removed from your system.

Ama removal lowers the toxic load on your reproductive system. Your ovary channels open us. Herbs help in restoring hormonal balance and ovarian function too. If there are cysts in the ovaries, even they come down with the help of Ayurvedic herbs.

Therefore, a proper Ayurvedic course for its entire duration according to the severity of the problem is very important.

If you want freedom from PCOS, you must take the complete course and not leave it in the middle. Many women feel they should see some results as soon as they start taking the medicines. This isn’t how Ayurvedic medicines work. Ayurveda is the science of curing the root of the problem. You might not feel instant improvement. However, that doesn’t mean the treatment is ineffective.

Ayurvedic herbs treat the root cause of the problem and not the symptoms. Hence, the effect is sometimes slow to appear, but it always eliminates the problem from its roots.

Preventing the Recurrence of PCOS

An unhealthy lifestyle and diet are the prime reasons responsible for PCOS. They will lead to indigestion and the formation of Ama. These will kickstart the process of hormonal imbalances in the body leading to PCOS.

Therefore, you must follow a healthy Gynovedic diet and lifestyle to prevent PCOS recurrence.

There is a general misconception that you will have to leave behind everything in your current lifestyle once you start following a specific Ayurvedic diet. It isn’t true.

A Gynovedic diet is all about following the principles of Ayurveda for a healthy life. It includes important principles of lifestyle and diet that will ensure healthy digestion and metabolism. A Gynovedic diet helps you avoid simple lifestyle mistakes that might lead to the formation of Ama and the resulting health disasters.

Preventing PCOS recurrence is possible and easy if you follow a Gynovedic diet. It doesn’t bind you in chains, and a little cheating now and then is permitted, unless you make that a habit.

Take Away

A healthy diet, lifestyle, and some Ayurvedic herbs can help you overcome the curse of PCOS. Not only that, you can also prevent its recurrence forever. However, you will have to take concrete steps to prevent the formation of excess Ama in your body. Healthy digestion is the key to your health.

A Simple equation for that is:

Healthy Diet+ Healthy Lifestyle+ Ayurvedic Herbs = Healthy Digestion = No PCOS Recurrence

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