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Plan based Diet

Did you know that India is the most bio-diverse agricultural land in the world with over 1 lakh species of plants for staple food and herbs for healthy living? Thanks to the tropical climate conditions and rich soil, India is naturally blessed with abundant plants that give us fruits & vegetables to stay healthy, lifelong.

When Ayurveda was commonly practiced for thousands of years, Indians in villages lived closest to mother nature and consumed mostly a plant-based diet densely packed with nutrition, which was harvested within the confines of their farms. The abundance of plant-based food and herbs as medicines harvested within the confines of Indian village houses ensured a daily supply of food around the year.

This is the reason why Vedic scriptures like Charak Samhita & Ashtanga Hridayam don't have sutras on non-vegetarian food. There was no need to hunt for daily survival and slaughter animals to feed their daily hunger.

While ancient Indians were gifted with nature that kept them content in the confines of their farms to follow a plant-based diet, westerners in ancient times were compelled to venture out of their homes and regions to hunt for their survival. Western regions of the world experienced extreme snowfall making it a harsh cold environment not suitable for agriculture. These climatic conditions turned ancient Indians into farmers consuming plant-based food and westerners into hunters relying on animals for their staple food.

Fortunately, there still is an abundant supply of plant-based healthy food in India. There's no country in the world other than India where one can get fresh fruits, vegetables & legumes at walking distance or home delivered by our humble Bhajjiwalas at unbelievably low cost.

Plant-based food gives us all the essential 18 micronutrients necessary to stay healthy. (Micronutrients mean protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and everything that humans need. This is one of the many secrets behind Indians living an ill-free life till the age 90-100 in Vedic times. And that’s why the saying goes - “Let food be your medicine!”

What to do?

Follow a plant-based ayurvedic diet and avoid animal-based foods like milk or meat. If you can’t imagine life without meat or milk then moderation is the answer. Consume 80% plant-based food and 20% food derived from animals including milk, eggs, fish, or meat of any kind.

What about protein, calcium, vitamins?

You’re made to believe misconceptions like:

  • Protein, calcium from animal food is superior to a plant-based diet
  • People who don’t consume milk, egg, or meat will face deficiencies in protein, calcium
  • A plant-based diet lacks minerals & vitamins like B12 and other essential amino acids

Is this true? Well, in one word it's baseless and there’s no truth in this.

On one hand,

Vedic history proves that Indians lived an ill-free life for thousands of years and solely relied on a plant-based diet. This is well documented in Ayurveda scriptures. A large part of India still follows Shakahari Bhojan [plant-based diet] to enjoy a long healthy life.

On the other hand,

Modern book The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health authored by T.Campbell has proved high consumption of milk & meat which is high in cholesterol as the leading cause of lifestyle diseases and cancer.

Misconceptions that milk, cheese, meat, eggs, and animal food are superior as a belief is largely propaganda by producers of these products. Protein, calcium & vitamins from animal food as benefits are heavily advertised by its manufacturers and it's a trillion of dollars industry. This lobby of manufacturers also sponsors scientific research and bends the facts in their favor to build a positive perception. Simultaneously, this lobby discredits any study favoring a plant-based diet as it adversely affects their business.

You must spend some time online to study research and books by Goodfellas like T. Campbell, John A. McDougall, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, Dr. Khader Vali is known as the Millet Man and late activist Rajiv Dixit. There are numerous YouTube videos from each of these nutrition experts who've highlighted the benefits of a plant-based diet and the evils of animal-based food.

Milk, Meat and Gynecological Disorders

Dr. Khader Vali aka Millet Man of India, in his study found how cows are injected with chemical hormones to increase the milk production. These hormones get into the milk consumed by women from an early age disrupts the hormonal balance leading to menstrual disorders.

These artificial growth hormones are also injected into other animals like chicken, sheep to increase the production of eggs and muscle mass.

Ironically, modern doctors, dieticians, and health experts ignore these hidden dangers of milk & meat while prescribing them as a health food. They also have a vested interest promoted by the milk & meat lobby to maximize profits.

Plant-based is complete food.

Dals, legumes, pulses, millets, leafy vegetables, dry fruits, nuts, pure oil (not refined oil), and whole-food that’s offered by mother nature is packed with the right proportion of proteins, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and all essential amino acids. It has everything that the human body needs to not just survive but thrive to lead a long, healthy life.

All sprouts of moong, mataki, chawli, chickpeas, etc. are the richest source of natural proteins. Nuts like almond, cashew, pistachio, walnuts, peanuts, and all seeds like pumpkin, flaxseeds, sesame, sunflower seeds, etc are also the best choices for proteins. All lentils, moong, masoor, tuvar, chana dal, etc can provide us with adequate healthy protein, calcium, and vitamins to meet our daily nutritional values.

Food manufactured in factories is altered to increase its shelf life and profits for its producers. This is not only toxic but also hard to digest leading to the production of AMA [sticky toxins] which is the root cause of all menstrual disorders.

Also remember,

  • Whey protein powders made of milk concentrates are highly acidic. Avoid it.
  • Biscuits, pastry, maida products, chocolates, coffee, pasteurized cheese, ice cream, and most packaged food are highly acidic and lead to the formation of AMA.
  • Research has proven that multivitamin tablets are not equal to vitamins from natural sources like fruits & vegetables. These vitamin supplements are toxic and not required.

Eat food in its natural form to get all the nutrients in unaltered form.

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