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Why this book?

AIIMS Study on Impact of PCOS On Indian Women

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) recently conducted a big study to determine the impact PCOS on Indian Women.

This study has highlighted some shocking and important facts about PCOS that were largely unknown. Important findings of the study are:

  • In India, 20-25% of women of childbearing age suffer from PCOS
  • PCOS is the leading cause of obesity in at least 60% of these women
  • PCOS may lead to fatty liver in 30-35% of its victims
  • PCOS will cause insulin resistance in 70% of its victims
  • PCOS leads to high levels of androgens or sex hormones in 60- 70% of women
  • At least 60% of women face male pattern baldness, facial hair, period irregularities, and difficulties in getting pregnant due to an imbalance in the sex hormones
  • PCOS also causes glucose intolerance in 40-60% of its victims
  • 40% of the women suffering from PCOS will become diabetic before reaching 40
  • PCOS increases bad cholesterol and triglycerides and lowers good cholesterol
  • PCOS causes a high risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea
  • Eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia and binge eating are common in women suffering from PCOS
  • PCOS is a leading cause of anxiety and depression in women
  • PCOS is the prime cause of ovulatory infertility

Do you know one of the most shocking findings of this study?

At least 50% of women are unaware that they have PCOS

50% of unsuspecting victims is a large and scary number. Do you know what makes this number even scarier?

These women will not be able to know the actual cause of many health issues they might face.

  • They might have to unnecessarily bear the pain of infertility
  • They might never know the real cause of unprecedented weight gain
  • They might keep feeling insecure about their unwanted facial hair or male pattern baldness

All this happens because they are unaware of an easily treatable condition. Lack of knowledge might make their lives insufferable.

One of the biggest problems with chronic diseases is that they keep advancing silently for years, even decades. However, when they become visible, they are incurable. Diabetes, heart diseases, and liver disorders are just a few examples.

Tolerance is a virtue bred into the nature of women in India. They grow up learning to be more adjusting and tolerant. Women tend to ignore minor discomforts or inconveniences. As they hit puberty, menstruation begins, and they learn to bear another discomfort every month. It is even a taboo. So most women bear their pain and discomfort in silence. It doesn’t mean PCOS is any less devastating for them. The truth is painful.

Worries Start with ‘Periods’

Women usually come face to face with PCOS when they start facing severe irregularities with their periods.

  • Delayed periods
  • Early periods
  • Irregular periods
  • Prolonged absence of periods without medication

Missing periods or period irregularities can be a nightmare. However, most women don’t have someone knowledgeable to discuss that. They usually rely on the trashy unfiltered information available on the internet. It doesn’t solve their queries. On the contrary, it makes them scared and somewhat paranoid.

Finally, women take these issues to their doctors. Usually, at this point, the problem is discovered. However, this isn’t the end of the story. Sadly, not even half of it.

PCOS and Fear

The experts at Gynoveda conducted an extensive survey with a big sample size of 6000 women. The survey found that women cannot find anything trustworthy or consoling even after countless hours of online research. The more they look on the internet, the more confused and insecure they feel.

More fear pushes them desperately to seek immediate results. They seek anything and everything they can lay their hands on. Allopathy, homeopathy, or Ayurveda, nothing is off-limits in desperation. However, the real question is whether these can help?

Fear isn’t helpful. On the contrary, it can make the problems worse. It pushes you towards impulsive and incorrect decisions.

Did you know women still keep searching for respite even after trying several treatments for more than a decade?

Did you know women are forced to spend countless amounts of money to conceive but fail due to PCOS? It makes them desperate, and they tend to switch to other treatment methods even more aggressively.

Knowledge Is Power

The prime objective of this book is to help you understand PCOS/PCOD. This book will help you understand the root of the problem, its intensity, and the complications it brings. This knowledge will empower you to understand the primary problems and answer some of the most important questions your mind is aching to know.

Gynoveda, with its specialized team of doctors, has filtered the questions and tried to answer them in simple terms. This book will not throw complicated medical terms at you or try to scare you. It will simply help you understand the problem and the health challenges it poses in front of you. Finally, it will present the possible ways to resolve most of the problems you face due to PCOS/PCOD.

This book will answer most of your questions and put your mind at rest.

Is PCOS/PCOD treatable or not?

Is pregnancy possible or difficult in pregnancy?

Can women with PCOS have regular periods?

Countless other such questions lingering in your mind will get answered in this book in an easy-to-understand manner. This book will serve as your one-stop guide for all your PCOS/PCOD queries.

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